Second HyDaP Workshop

Airborne remote sensing in soil science


Interdisciplinary approaches in soil assessment

at Global Change Research Centre AS CR, v.v.i., Czech Republic (June 25-28, 2013)


June 25, 2013 (13.00-17.30)

Discussion panel – 1st part coordinated by Prof. Jan Frouz, Institute of Soil Biology, Biology Centre ASCR, v. v. i.

Introduction to soil science
Processes of soil formation
Soil composition, structure, chemistry
Soil organic matter, carbon sequestration, soil fertility
Czech and World soil classification systems

Soil and soil development | Application of near infrared spectroscopy

June 26, 2013 (9.00-12.00)

Workshop – 1st part, Prof. Eyal Ben Dor., Tel-Aviv Univ.

The nature and properties of soils
Interaction with environment, three phase composition, classification and exposure
Soil Spectroscopy 1: Definition, evaluation and development: past present and future
Soil Spectroscopy 2: Chromophores (physical and chemical), Hapke’s theory and Hunt libraries, refractive and reflation, absorption, transmittance and reflectance

Lectures: 1st part | 2nd part | 3rd part | 4th part | 5th part

June 26, 2013 (13.30-17.30)

Soil spectroscopy 3: All domains - problems and solutions (BRDF, Moisture, Near Infrared)


Measurement with three ASDs with and with our protocol and normalization procedure

June 27, 2013 (9.00-12.00)

Workshop – 2nd part, Prof. Eyal Ben Dor., Tel-Aviv Univ.

Analysis: Definition, evaluation and current status in soil and other disciplines.
Soil analysis and measurements – problems and protocol s (lab, field and air/space borne)
Soil analysis NIRS + all options (pre-processing, analytical methods, statistical measures)
Soil Spectral Libraries and worldwide expert working group: The LUCAS and SWSG libraries.

June 27, 2013 (13.30-17.30)


Analysis of soil contaminated with TPH (unscrabmler, other methods)
Working with the set from 2 using the PARCUDA over the CLOUD - comparison

June 28, 2013 (9.00-14.00)

Discussion panel – 2nd part, coordinated by Prof. Jan Frouz, Institute of Soil Biology, Biology Centre ASCR, v. v. i. and Dept. of Remote Sensing CVGZ v.v.i.

Interdisciplinary tasks between remote sensing and soil/vegetation sciences
Project overlaps between HyDaP partners (thermal regime, crop production)
Potential publications and projects