Project description

This project is focused on the development of partnership between tertiary education institutions, research institutions, NGOs and SMEs in order to increase the knowledge of the latest technologies of remote sensing (RS). The main attention concentrates on assessing the state of vegetation, eutrophication of water reservoirs, soil properties and temperature regimes of various types of landscapes.

Each partner institution provides specialists in a certain field with a high development potential thanks to the use of RS data. A necessary precondition for exploitation of such a potential is communication and mutual learning among RS specialists and those in other fields. Interdisciplinary communication is the main feature of this project. The high level of RS knowledge is guaranteed by participation of excellent internationally acknowledged partners in the education process.

The project aims will be implemented in three key phases partially overlapping in time:

  • The first phase, which will be carried out in a series of workshops, aims at introducing the current remote sensing possibilities to the project partners. At the same time, there will be discussions on the application of these methods to the solution of specific partners' tasks, i.e., already specific tasks focused on partial elements of land cover and its properties: soil (e.g., moisture conditions, humus content, and temperature regime), surface waters (eutrophication, temperature regime), vegetation (species variety and diversity, biomass, health status, etc.); urban territories (temperature regime, structure).
  • The second phase is based on fellowships of HyDaP members of prestigious foreign institutions dealing with the processing and use of hyper-spectral, thermal and LiDAR data. The acquired knowledge will be continuously shared among the partners and target groups through workshops and joint professional publications.
  • In the third phase of the project, the partners will interactively develop the acquired knowledge through solving joint application tasks in various fields of the co-investigators, and spread this knowledge in the partner institutions.

The project HyDaP relies on the use of a developed infrastructure of the project CzechGlobe – Global Change Research Centre, from the OP 1.1 European Centres of Excellence, which will provide technical resources and capacities for acquiring necessary airborne data for the application and validation of knowledge obtained as a result of the project partnership. This will synergize the OP Research and Development for Innovations project focused on creating a high-end scientific infrastructure. The project will provide access to and transfer of knowledge in the field of remote sensing among research organizations, tertiary education institutions and public and business sector entities. The project contributes to the development of knowledge and competence of members of the involved partner institutions and facilitates better use and transfer of research and development results into practice. Thereby it helps increase the educational potential of regions in practical application of remote sensing methods.

The acquired knowledge and RS data within HyDaP project and CzechGlobe will be accessible to other interested persons and parties in the form of a map server and other web applications.

A more detailed description of the project.