LiDAR & Hyperspectral workshop

June 23-27th, 2014

Dear colleagues,

let us invite you to the sixth Workshop and fourth Discussion panel of the HyDaP project: „Airborne LiDAR and hyperspectral scanning for ecosystems assessment“

The workshop will be held at Global Change Research Centre AS CR, v. v. i., Bělidla 4a, Brno, Czech Republic ( see map).

The lectures and practical training will be delivered by the team of prof. Nancy Glen, Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory, Boise State University.

The scope of the workshop is intended for:

  • beginners in the LiDAR data processing and applications
  • those who would like to extend their knowledge in the airborne and terrestrial LiDAR usage in ecological studies

Language of the Workshop will be English.

Whole programme of the workshop and discussion panel you can find on
If interested, please register via the Doodle system:

Any additional requirements for accommodation please send to Ing. Pavla Glocová:
Please, in requirements for accommodation specify whether you are not bothered with modest accommodation, or with whom you are willing to share a room.
Please, register before 19th June, 2014.

The expenses on accommodation and refreshment during the workshop will be covered by the CVGZ.
We are looking forward to meeting you.

Conference program

Tuesday June 24th

  • Introduction of presenters
    • Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory - Team of prof. Nancy Glenn
  • Introduction to LiDAR
    • Basic principles revision, point cloud vs raster analysis
    • Software availability (pay vs. open source software)
    • Significance of LiDAR data in ecological studies
  • BCAL LiDAR tools
    • Demonstration of the tools in ENVI environment
    • Practical testing of tools on CzechGlobe data-sets

Wednesday June 25th

  • Terrestrial laser scanning
    • Theory
    • Vegetation applications
  • Case studies from laser scanning data
    • Height and biomass estimation
    • Crown segmentation
    • Aerodynamic roughness of vegetation cover
    • Snow on / snow off analysis – Geomorphologic Change Detection soft.
    • Practical training continuous

Thursday June 26th

  • Hyperspectral data pre-processing
  • Case studies with HS data
  • Hyperspectral & LiDAR fusion
  • Random forest technique (for classification / regression)
  • Practical training on random forest technique
  • Discussion panel on LiDAR and hyperspectral applications

Friday June 27th

  • Discussion panel continues
  • Monograph as a main final outputs from HyDAP project (state of art)
  • Future projects and cooperation
  • Finish at 2 PM